Transparency is knowing where our precious metals and gemstones come from and how our jewelry is made — and sharing that information with you, so you can feel good about the jewelry you're wearing.


Our commitment to transparency began with the Beyond Conflict Free™ standard we pioneered. We select diamonds for their ethical and environmentally responsible origins, surpassing the Kimberley Process (KP) standard of “conflict-free,” which is defined as diamonds that don’t fund wars against legitimate governments. Such a narrow definition, however, often ignores diamonds tainted by violence, human rights abuses, environmental destruction, and worker exploitation.

For example, Russian diamonds make up one-third of the global diamond supply and helped Russia fund its invasion of Ukraine, but they’re still considered “conflict-free” under the industry’s insufficient standard. Not to us. We stopped selling Russian diamonds the day after Russia invaded Ukraine.

In fact, less than 1% of the world’s diamonds meet our Beyond Conflict Free™ standard. Our select group of diamond suppliers must prove a robust chain of custody protocol for their diamonds, allowing us to track and sort them by origin. Their diamonds must also originate only from specific mine operations or countries that demonstrate their commitment to labor, trade, and environmental standards.

Our diamonds provide miners with fair wages and safe working conditions, empower their communities, and never fund conflicts.


We’re revolutionizing the jewelry industry again — this time using blockchain technology. Blockchain keeps track of every step in a diamond’s journey — from mining company to market to the moment it reaches you — safely, securely, and permanently.

With our blockchain diamonds, you’ll have an enduring digital record of where your diamond comes from and how it was sourced. In 2019, we were one of the first to sell blockchain diamonds. By the end of 2023, our goal is for 20% of our diamonds to be blockchain-verified.



We work with a small number of exclusive gemstone suppliers who share our values and source from specific countries that focus on land protection, safer mining, and improved working conditions.

We are proud of our gemstone collections that empower female artisanal miners and support fair trade markets, safer work environments, and better mining. And we are pushing the industry forward by using blockchain technology to further transparency.

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