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Everything You Wanted To Know About Choosing Wedding Bands

Wedding bands are eternal symbols of the love, trust and commitment that a couple makes to each other on their wedding day. It then becomes vitally important to choose the perfect wedding bands for your special day. Here is a quick look at all the various wedding band styles and trends that are currently popular with bridal couples.

Women’s Wedding Bands

Women’s Wedding Bands

While traditionally brides chose simple gold bands as their wedding rings, this is no longer the case. Modern brides are now experimenting with platinum and white gold too.

Matching Wedding & Engagement Rings: This option is becoming hugely popular with brides across the globe. Since the wedding and engagement bands are worn on the same finger, brides like the idea of co-ordinating the two to create the perfect fit. Depending on the budget you can opt for diamonds in both bands, or choose a simple platinum band to go with a diamond engagement ring. The choices are endless but matching bands are generally created as a set and designed to fit tightly together.

Metal Bands: Brides with simpler tastes often prefer plain metal bands or bands with some meaningful etchings and designs. You can opt for yellow gold, white gold or platinum bands in a matte or glossy finish. You could also choose to go for two-tone bands in white and yellow. This is a good option if you want to coordinate your wedding band your husband’s. Stackable metal bands also look great and are very unusual.

Diamond Wedding Bands: Undoubtedly the most popular pick of them all – what woman can resist the allure of diamonds? There really is no limit on the choices and you really need to determine a budget to help you out.

Eternity Bands: Eternity bands are rings that have a single row of diamonds that encircle your entire finger. The size of the diamonds can vary and hence these are available in every price range.

Bands With Colored Stones: While diamonds are evergreen, many brides now prefer something a little unique and striking. Colored stones like rubies, sapphires and emeralds are the most popular. Champagne and yellow diamonds are also all the rage

Men’s Wedding Bands

Men rarely wear engagement rings so the wedding band assumes even more importance. While most men prefer the simplicity of plain metal bands, some quite enjoy a bit of bling on their finger.

Metals Bands: Simple and classic, men’s metal wedding bands are thicker than matching women’s bands. These too are available in yellow gold, white gold and platinum with or without etchings.

Diamond Bands: These are getting more and more popular with the metrosexual male. Channel set bands are generally preferred since they are more practical and secure for regular wear.

band is a reflection of its owner’s personality, feelings and emotions and hence each band is unique in its own right. Wedding bands may not always be the most expensive piece of jewelry a couple owns… but they certainly are the most precious.

Men’s Wedding Bands