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Gold is a precious metal used in ancient times to trade in goods and services. The fact that only five of the ten millionth of the Earth's crust is golden; no surprise that this metal has appreciated. The most common use of gold, of course, is to make jewelry.

Gold History

The first use of gold was traced back to 3600 BC in Egypt. The ancient rock carvings on the illustration of the method of finding gold. It is said that Abraham had much gold and silver as well as cattle when he left Egypt. In addition, gold is mentioned in Exodus XXV, 29 when God tells Moses, Hebrew prophets, golden spoon for cabinets wafers.

More recently JWMarshall discovered traces of gold on the American River in 1848 and spark gold rush in California. The rest they say is history.

Property of Gold

Gold is a beautiful metal and extremely malleable. This is useful when designing jewelry because craftsmen can create complex patterns. It is hard at room temperature and hips stain, corrode or rust. This property makes it a popular choice of metal for producing jewelry from jewelry to keep the sparkle of gold.

Learn About Gold

The quality of gold is determined by the term 'Karat'.It differs from the term 'Carat' used to determine the size of the diamond.

Most pure form, gold is 24K - it can not be mixed with any other metal.However, 24K gold soft and not suitable for jewelery making. Therefore it is mixed with other metals to increase strength and rigidity.

18K jewelry contains 75% gold and 25% other metals. It is the most preferred metal because it has beautiful golden yellow natural and highly elastic than pure gold. 14K cheaper and harder but lack the yellow sparkling natural beauty so much less common.

White Gold

White gold is an alloy of gold with other white metals such as silver, palladi or nickel.Do white metal mixed with gold, white gold natural color pale yellowish - it does not have bright white as platinum.

Many jewelers polished white gold jewelry by an outer layer of Rhodium. However, metal lighting can be worn after a while and when worn continuously and reveal pale yellow below. It is recommended that you should go for white gold jewelry polishing every two years depending on the level of use.

Care Jewelry Gold

Below are some quick tips to take care of gold jewelry.

    * Use jewelry box to store your gold jewelry. You must ensure that it is in a velvet lined box with own separate compartment for jewelry. The items that may be rubbing against each other and scratch the surface.
    * If you have to do heavy manual work, remove the gold jewelry.
    * Wash and clean gold jewelry with a diluted soapy water using a soft brush.
   * If you have gold and diamond jewelry, diamond check regularly to check. Diamond loose slots can be dropped out. You need to be corrected immediately.

Generally, gold jewelry sturdy and durable if you take care of properly.