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metaksguide_photo The metals used to make jewelry can significantly enhance their appeal. While previously, gold was the metal of choice for most women, in recent times platinum too has gained a lot of popularity.

Each of the two metals has its advantages and disadvantages. The metal you eventually choose will largely depend on your personal preference as well as other factors like price, attributes and the care required.


The oldest metal known to man it is also one of the most versatile. Malleable, lustrous and indestructible, the yellow shining metal is perfect to create adornments.

Generally, gold jewelry is available in 14K and 18K gold. K refers to Karat – a measure of how pure the gold is. 24K gold is 100% gold with no mix of other metals. However, 18K gold is considered more durable because of the alloy. If you are uncertain which metal to buy learn more about the properties of gold and caring for gold jewelry.



35 times more rare than gold, platinum is also naturally more expensive. The exquisite white luster forms the perfect background for sparkling white diamonds. In addition, platinum is also almost twice as heavy as gold and far stronger. It is no wonder then that more and more women are opting for platinum as their choice of metal. If you are uncertain which metal to buy learn more about the properties of platinum and caring for platinum jewelry.